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Post by Admin on Tue Apr 09, 2013 2:16 am

Hey Mages,

This is a post to help you guys with a skill tree. The three skill trees options Im going to show are the two I have now and the one I had before I was lucky enough to dual spec. This does not mean that all mages have to spec this way but this also gives you some options and different way of thinking about it I hope. I know some of you might not be high enough lvl to have as many skilll points as I do but it might help you decide what you want to do when you get here. If any one has any suggestions or tips please feel free add.

So mages that are unable to dual spec seem to be some where in the middle with their talents. All damage is awesome but really not practical when doing multi-player dungs. And all healing is just brutal all the way around pvp, wb. This build I found to be the best single spec build for me and what I did. Mind you I didnt score real high on the WB but I made up for it in arenas and mps. I found to be a most excellent middle ground.

Lightening bolt 5: This is your most basic rage builder and you use it most often make it powerful

Rain of fire 5: This is an awesome mob spell because when using it on 4 mobs you gain all your rage back. When using it on 5+ you build it. again a very powerful spell

Heart of the element 2: This passive increases the rage you recieve from above rage builders. We need all the rage we can get.

Mana Master 3: Seriously who can argue with a 15% damage increase? This also affects your heals so yah pump it .

yes thats right heals I didnt do the thunders, my thinking on that was yah great for WB but no place else. Not enough time to build that much rage in pvp and you are considered the healer in an mp unfortuneatly so moving past the thunder on to heals.

Restoration 3: This I built up to three becuase its a beautiful heal to pull off escpecially when paired with the talent of survival (talents not avail till 50) Member up there I said more damage increases your healing. Heals 75% of hit points +300 of magic damage. Thats alot! If you hit hard its Wowzer!

Healing Empowerment 2: This is one of those must insert point here in order to get to another skill. Its a nice little bonus but needed to get to Suntoria

Suntoria 2: 2 points into this skill increases heal over time to 5%of max health. This is needed in catacombs, mps, pvp. Its a must in a mage book.

Castinator 2: This skill is nice but they could of done better imo because you get similar bonus from rings in cata but yah needed to do this tree line.

Meteor 2: Now I say 2 because by the time you hit 50 you really really need puri and you'll need two points of it by 55 for sure for mp's.

Purification 2: as I said in order for you to get your dungs done you are really gonna need this. Sucks to sink two points into a non damage non healing skill but its a heal save skill.

This was an excellent in between build. I did really well in arenas with all that aoe and I was able to heal my team mates. Really handy for mp dungs and catacombs. The only place I really suffered was WB. But you cant have everything....or can you?
Dual specing is fantastic because you can do an all damage spec and an all healing spec. This is just spectacular. For the damage build I have, since I wasnt always lucky enought to dual weild spells, may not be the best but I reaaallly enjoy it!

Damage Spec:
Lightening Bolt 5: You use it all the time make it hurt!

RoF 5: Another spell I use alot. I make it hurt

Delphic Thunder 1: Never really get to use this spell since its so rage hungry but its needed to get to thunderer.

Thunderer 2: I love this spell for the chance to interupt. This is fantastic on cata bosses cause it actually works.

Heart Element 2: Increase rage generator a must

Mana Master 3: Again 15% damage boost. Yes Please!

Damnation 3: I love this sexy dirty spell. Yes I do!

Now your gonna say 'but this is your dps spec why heals?' Cause I dont want to die if I dont have too and healing makes it so I dont have to. I still need to be able to heal through catacombs. Im still gonna need to heal through pvp. Havent come across a mage who doesnt have a heal.

Restoration 3: Its a smexy heal no doubt about it and if you do the survival talent you're really gonna fall in love with it with 3 points trust me.

Healing Empowerment 2: to get an extra point in suntoria

Suntoria 2: I like to heal my troops and my friends. And I like to heal them for alot!

Now you can go crazy and not do any heals and sink it into other skills. I wouldnt advise it but you can. I may have gone over board with the use of points in my heals but I like them. The other options didnt really seem like that much of a benefit so if you've done something slightly different let me know. I may drop 895 vouchers and try it out.

Healing Spec:
LB 5: This is the only damage spell I throw in an mp when healing. Hit hard and hit often.

RoF 4: in order to get lb at 5 needed this to be 4. good for mobs not great for rage building unless 5+ mobs

Heart Element 2: Need More Rage!

Mana Master 3: Must Kill!

Resotoration 3: Big fat single target heal! YEAH!

Healing empowerment 2: nice boost and needed to get to sun

Suntoria 2: My friends think my heals are sexy!

Castonator 2: Need this to work the line to blessed.

Meteoric Destoyer 3: Expensive aoe that I never use but need the poitns to get to puri and blessed.

Purification 2: Need this at 2 for boss in lvl 55 dung.

Blessed Light 1: I love this heal. Wicked expensive but really nice party heal.

So like I said this may not be the best build for you but it gives you an idea what to work with. Mind you I am lvl 57 so I do have alot of points to work with though it doesnt feel like it. Points may vary due to lvl etc. Have any questions post them below. Any suggestions add away. I look forward to hearing from you!


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Mage Spec By: Angel Empty Re: Mage Spec By: Angel

Post by Admin on Tue Apr 09, 2013 2:17 am

Healing Spec Update
So I was unsure about the 4 points into RoF dont really use it when running straight heals. I dropped the 895 vouchers and did this spec. Cant wait to try it out!
LB 5
RoF 1: Had an extra point I prefer rof to met;eor. You can put the spare point into meotoer of damn if you choose.
Heart 2
Mana Master 3
Resto 3
Healing empower 2
suntoria 3
Castinator 2
meteor 3: has to be 3 to get the puri 3
Puri 3
Blessed 2
Phat smexy heals!!


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